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Behind the Scenes: The diverse responsibilities of a Chief of Staff ft. Kanika Khurana of Chargebee


On this episode of SaaS Sessions, we sat down with Kanika Khurana, Chief of Staff at Chargebee to talk about all the Chief of Staff role and much more. 

Finding the right problem to solve ft. Girish Redekar, Co-founder at Sprinto


Every day, there are founders around the world coming up with new software solutions to problems they feel are relevant. In this context, it becomes very crucial to choose the right problem to solve. That's what we talk about on this episode of SaaS Sessions with Girish Redekar, Co-Founder at Sprinto. 

How to build a culture of care ft Abhash Kumar, VP of Marketing at Springworks


We spend another third of our lives at work, and the culture at our workplace influences our lives in more ways than we’re aware of.  This is what we sat down to talk about with Abhash Kumar, VP of Marketing at Springworks.

Getting through the challenge of a pivot ft Kausambi Manjita, CEO & Founder at Mason


Meet Kausambi Manjita, CEO and Founder at Mason, who not only managed to successfully pivot her business Kubric to Mason, but did so under the restrictive environment of the pandemic. We spoke to her to understand her journey, how she managed the pivot, and the future of the low-code market in India. 

Product Led Growth with Ruchin Kulkarni, Co-founder, Toplyne.io


In our latest episode, we speak to Ruchin Kulkarni, Co-founder of Toplyne.io. Before this, he was working with Sequoia overlooking the growth stage investing in SaaS, developer tools, and enterprise software.

Insent's exit to ZoomInfo with Arjun Pillai, CEO, Insent.ai


We talk about Insent's exit to ZoomInfo. Insent.ai Arjun's second exit.

Storytelling 101 with Sairam Krishan, Accel


In our conversation with him, Sairam shares how to tell a story for each audience segment be it investors, founders or executives.

Enterprise GTM Strategy with Shilpa Singh, Head of GTM, Amazon


In our conversation with her, she talks about the best practices for creating a GTM playbook for targeting the enterprise segment and more.

Unscripted Sessions with Sreedhar Peddineni, Co-founder, GTM Buddy


In our conversation with him, we discussed how the SaaS industry in India has shaped over the past decades.

Building locally relevant & scalable GTM strategy with Ashwin Krishna, Tact.ai


In our conversation with him, Ashwin shares his learnings for entering a new market, picking the right persona, setting up GTM goals and more.

Customer Success 101 with Sandhya Tomer, Whatfix


In our conversation with her, she explains the proactiveness of customer success compared to reactiveness of customer support function and additional insights she’s learnt over these years working in customer success.

Unscripted Sessions with Steffen Hedebrandt, Co-founder, Dreamdata.io


In our conversation with him, we discuss how he started Dreamdata.io and the idea behind starting it. He also talks about GTM strategies and shares playbooks his team is using to attract customers.

Product Marketing team alignment for better decision making with Smriti Chopra, Zapier


Product Marketing team alignment for better decision making with Smriti Chopra, Zapier

Unscripted Sessions with Kausambi Manjita, CEO at Kubric


In our conversation, she shares how she got started with Kubric, how did they hire their early employees and their plans of scaling Kubric in India.

Unscripted Sessions with Veekshith Rai, Co-founder & COO at Finly.io


In our conversation with him, Veekshith Rai talks about the approach and process he followed for idea validation and building the product. He also shares the goals for 2021 and how they’re expanding into the middle-east market.

Data driven Customer Success ft. Arundhati Balachandran, Chargebee


In our conversation with her, she shares few important metrics CS teams should track, the importance of net retention rate, and more.

SaaS Ops 101 with Lavanya Gopinath, Director of Operations at Chargebee


In our conversation with her, Lavanya introduces the operations function and shares actionable tactics one can use to set up an operations function from scratch.

How to personalise marketing with Sowmya Moni, Incture


In our conversation with her, Sowmya Moni shares how her team segments ICPs for maximum conversations and few initiatives she's taken during the pandemic. 

State of SaaS in India with Shailesh Ghorpade, Exfinity Venture Partners


In our conversation with him, we try to understand the current State of SaaS in India, the different challenges companies are facing and how they can overcome them. 

Unscripted sessions with Deepesh Agarwal with CEO, MoveInSync


In this episode, Deepesh Agarwal discusses his initial journey, how they tackled different challenges of the pandemic and turned it into an exciting opportunity.

Building new products with Smrithi Parameswar, Product Leader


In our conversation with her, we try to understand how businesses should decide which products to build, how can hey measure the success of new products and more.

Unscripted Sessions with Shubhi Agarwal, Co-founder of Locobuzz


In our conversation with Shubhi Agarwal, she shares her learnings from scaling Locobuzz from 15 to 100+ employees.

Unscripted Sessions with Saravana Kumar, CEO at Kovai.co


In this episode, Saravana Kumar shares his learnings from scaling Kovai to $8.5mn ARR.

Understanding neuro-marketing with Pranjalee Lahri, AVP Marketing, UpsideLMS


In our conversation with Pranjalee Lahri, we try to understand neuro-marketing and how brands including SaaS companies are leveraging it to attract the right audience.

Storytelling for B2B SaaS with Kuppu, Product Evangelist at Zoho


In our conversation with Kuppulakshmi Krishnamoorthy, she talks about the role of storytelling at different stages in the marketing funnel and shares her personal best practices.

Working remotely like a pro with Meera Sapra, PM at Zoho


In our conversation with Meera Sapra, we try to understand the different challenges she faced while working remotely and how she tackled them.

Upgrading Customer Service with AI ft. Vartika Verma, Yellow Messenger


In our conversation with Vartika, we try to understand how different brands are using AI chatbots to streamline customer service and her learnings working at Yellow Messenger. 

Unscripted Sessions with Sharmila Sundaram, CEO at Corefactors


In our conversation with Sharmila, we try to understand the strategies she and her team used to scale their SaaS business in India and her learnings as the CEO of the company.

Unscripted Sessions with Max Armbruster, CEO of Talkpush


In our conversation, we try to learn the different problems Talkpush is solving and the benefits of leveraging different channels for communicating with applicants. 

State of SaaS in India with Priya Mohan, Venture Highway


In this episode, we try to learn the current state of India's SaaS ecosystem, the impact of the pandemic, and more.

Unscripted Conversations with Arjun Pillai, CEO of Insent.ai


In this episode, we try to learn the learnings and challenges he faced when building and growing Profoundis in 2012. We'll also understand more about Insent.ai and his future plans for the company.

Planning your B2B marketing investment for best ROI with Bharath Gaddam, Data POEM


In our conversation, we try to learn how B2B companies can plan their marketing investment for the best ROI and importance of data-driven decisions.

Setting Up Partner Marketing for B2B with Scindia Balasingh, Freshworks


In this episode, we pick her brain to learn what companies should keep in mind when setting up partner marketing and learn some useful tips and strategies.

State of SaaS in India with Anand Dutta, VP at Nexus Venture Partners


In this episode, we try to understand the State of SaaS of India with Anand Dutta.

Impact of COVID-19 on B2B revenue generation with Vikas Potta, FusionCharts


In this episode, Vikas Potta takes us through the steps he took at FusionCharts to minimise the impact of the pandemic on the revenue numbers.

Evolving marketing from $1mn to $10mn ARR with Karishma Rajaratnam, ChartMogul


In our conversation, she shares her key learnings from her time at Chargebee and talks about how companies should approach marketing when scaling from $1mn to $10mn ARR.

Managing a global B2B pipeline with Francois Kulik, Algolia


In our conversation, he shares his learnings and strategies his team took to manage a global B2B sales pipeline during such difficult times.

Pivoting B2B Field Marketing to drive revenue with Anish Thambi, Automation Anywhere


Pivoting B2B Field Marketing to drive revenue with Anish Thambi, Automation Anywhere - SaaS Sessions

[Special Episode] Unscripted Sessions with Sunil Neurgaonkar


We recently reached a major milestone on SaaS Sessions. We crossed 50+ episodes. I thought I’ll take this opportunity to share what I've learnt from hosting the guests on my show. 

Product Evangelism with Aadil Bandukwala, HackerRank


In our conversation with him we understand the role of a brand evangelist, which companies should hire a evangelist, how to find one and the other nuances of evangelism.

Overcoming a growth plateau with Kevin White, Retool


In our conversation we try to understand what are the different indicators for a growth plateau and ways to overcome one.

Managing social media with Vaidehi Murthy, Dunzo


In this episode we speak to Vaidehi Murthy to exactly learn how a social media post goes from ideation to the final version at Dunzo and how they consistently post amazing content on social media.

Scaling up the partnerships channel with Ketan Pandit, CleverTap


In this episode Ketan explains the different ways companies (according to their stage) should look at partnerships and shares the best practices for scaling it.

Developing a winning GTM strategy with Yoni Solomon, G2


In this episode, Yoni walks us through his process for building a winning GTM strategy. He also talks about how one can build great product marketing teams and shares his key learnings from previous launches.

Unscripted Sessions with Abhijeet Vijayvergiya, CEO of Nektar.ai


In our conversation with Abhijeet Vijayvergiya, he shares his learnings at Capillary Technologies and his vision behind his new company.

State of SaaS in India with Aviral Bhatnagar, Founder of A Junior VC


In this episode, we speak to Aviral Bhatnagar, Senior Associate at Guild Capital and the Founder of A Junior VC, a blog that showcases well-researched startup stories.

State of SaaS in India with Nikhil Kapur, Strive VC


In this episode, we talk about the State of SaaS in India. We also discuss the different challenges faced by global-focused and India-focused SaaS companies.

Talking Customer Success with Nimesh Mathur, Branch


In this episode, we try to decode reasons why CS is an integral part of SaaS businesses and how CS teams can improve collabration with Sales/Marketing/Product teams.

Product Led SEO with Eli Schwartz, Growth Advisor & SEO Consultant


In this episode, Eli Schwartz talks about the concept of Product Led SEO, shares his learnings working as an SEO professional for over 16 years and about his new book.

Shifting from Physical to Virtual Events with Nick Bennet, Clari


In this episode, Nick shares how their team has pivoted to virtual events and goes over their plan for it in the coming months.

Building GitHub in India with Maneesh Sharma, Country Manager at GitHub


In this episode, Maneesh talks about his past career and some amazing strategies he has planned for GitHub in India.

Design Data and Metrics with Shay Howe, VP of Design at ActiveCampaign


In this episode, Shay takes us through his team at ActiveCampaign and how they use UX research to make data-driven decisions.

Building your Content Marketing Stack with Akshata Kamath, MoEngage


In this episode, she explains the content marketing stack they use and shares the importance of certain design tools and how content teams can leverage it to increase their productivity.

Importance of Technical SEO in 2020 with Geoff Atkinson, CEO of Huckabuy


In the episode, Geoff takes us through his journey at Overstock, explains the importance of SEO and the reason behind starting Huckabuy.

Talking Tech SaaS sales with Srinath Srinivasan, Head of Sales at Plivo


In the episode, Srinath talks about his transition, best practices for folks looking to move into sales and his learnings along the way.

How to Build a Marketing Strategy with Justin Alva, AVP Growth at Smallcase


In the episode, Justin takes us through his startup journey, explains to us how to create a marketing strategy from scratch and shares few learnings from his role at Smallcase.

A New Perspective to Marketing with Siddhart Sharma, Karix


In our conversation with him, we focus on understanding the "how and why part of marketing".

Unscripted Sessions with Mayur Gupta, Freshly


In our conversation with Mayur, he talks us about his transition from a software developer to a Chief Marketing Officer. He also takes us through his learnings at different companies and shares why "it's important to have a perspective at work".

Data Tracking for PMs with Patrick Thompson, Iteratively


In this episode, Partick shares his journey, the reason behind starting Iteratively and why consuming the right data is critical to any company.

Customer Success during a pandemic with Meenakshi Ganesh, CleverTap


In this episode, Meenakshi talks about churn and how handling customers has changed during the pandemic.

Unscripted Sessions with Tanishq Juneja


In our conversation with him, he talks about how he started Pepipost, the tactics they used to attract their initial customers and a few best practices for sending email campaigns.

How to build a remote work culture?


We spoke to Gilad and Ronen to understand the future of remote working, building a remote work culture and how should a company approach it if they want to continue working remotely.

Growth marketing in uncertain times with Anuj Adhiya


I hosted Anuj Adhiya, VP of Growth at Jamber and former Director of Engagement at GrowthHackers.com to talk about growth marketing in uncertain times.

How to get started with outbound growth?


I hosted Jeremy Goillot, Head of Growth at Spendesk, on the podcast to talk about outbound growth.

Exploring webinars with Joana Inch, founder of Hat Media


In this episode, we dive into the world of webinars and look at how organisations can use it to generate qualified leads.

Unscripted Sessions with Surendar Natarajan, CEO of Adapt.io


In this episode, Surendar shares his journey, the vision of the company and what has helped them to shine in a rather competitive market.

Marketing in a crisis with Drew Neisser, Founder, and CEO of Renegade


In this episode, we hosted Drew Neisser to talk more on how to do strategic marketing during a crisis like COVID-19.

Using personalised videos with Matthew Barnett, CEO of Bonjoro


In this episode, I hosted Matthew Barnet, Founder of Bonjoro - an app for sending personalized videos to welcome and onboard your new customers.

A conversation about Conversational Marketing with Eliav Cohen


In this episode, we discussed the conversational marketing industry and then need for such platforms for businesses.

Unscripted sessions with Antoine Goret, CMO at Crisp IM


Get to know how to pick the best marketing channel that drives ROI for your business.

Unscripted Sessions with Liam Martin, Cofounder of Staff.com and Time Doctor


In this episode with Liam, who is the co-founder of Staff.com and Time Doctor, we discussed his strategy behind scaling up his organic traffic from 12K to 120K in under 2 years.

Unscripted Sessions with Puneet Kataria, CEO of CustomerSuccessBox


In this episode, Puneet share how customer success can help achieve product-market fit

Unscripted sessions with Baptiste, CEO of Crisp IM


In this episode, we invited Baptiste Jamin, CEO of Crisp IM, to talk more about his entrepreneurial journey and journey of Crisp IM.

Understanding and building customer success strategy in 2019 with Sue Duris


Customer success is one of the most trending vertical. It's a whole new strategy when it comes to delivering maximum value to your customers.

Ultimate Video Marketing Strategy from the industry expert - Shane Barker


Marketers include video as a part of their content strategy and it is slowly becoming a vital part of the overall marketing plan.

10 obvious mistakes that you're making with cold emails


Cold email is an email sent to your prospective customer who never had a relationship with your business. It's a great way to generate leads unless you're making one of the 10 mistakes from this article.

Omnichannel eCommerce marketing automation strategy for your buyer's journey with Rytis Lauris


Whether you realize it or not, omnichannel e-commerce marketing is gaining its importance.

What is product-led growth? And how to implement it for your SaaS?


I invited Wes Bush from Traffic is Currency to speak about product-led growth and how to implement it for your SaaS

Unconventional ways to get that job you always wanted


In this episode, I invited Phil Strazzulla from NextWave Hire, which allows employers to hire the right talent through some effective unconventional ways.

Unscripted sessions with Santosh Panda, Founder, and CEO of Explara


Santosh talked about the early days of Explara and how he with his team overcame various growth challenges to make Explara a leading SaaS platform for Events.

How to create a user onboarding funnel for your SaaS?


In this episode, Kishan Gupta, CEO of UXCam talks about user onboarding funnel and how does a typical funnel for a SaaS looks like.

Exploring the story of Moengage with Raviteja Dodda, Co-founder & CEO


I invited Raviteja Dodda to talk about his entrepreneurial journey and the journey of Moengage in this episode.

Aligning Marketing and Sales with Jeff Davis


In this episode, I hosted Jeff Davis to speak more about aligning your Sales and Marketing for maximum ROI.

Leveraging AI to close more deals for your SaaS


In this episode, I invited Shruti Kapoor, Founder and CEO of Strings.ai, to talk on how SaaS companies can leverage AI to close more deals.

3 inexpensive PR strategies you can implement from day one


I hosted Sphoorti Bhandare, a content marketing pro who helps B2B Tech companies, grow brand relevance & trust through targeted and engaged messaging.

Unscripted Sessions with Sreenivas Kanumuru, CEO of VTiger CRM


Listen to this episode if you are figuring out selecting a CRM for your business and what factors to look for in a CRM.