Sandhya Tomar - SaaS Sessions
Sandhya Tomar - SaaS Sessions

Customer Success 101 with Sandhya Tomer, Whatfix


In this episode, we speak to Sandhya Tomer, Director of Customer Success at Whatfix.

Previously, Sandhya was the Customer Success Director at Pluralsight where she was responsible for the growth of the APAC region.

In our conversation with her, she explains the proactiveness of customer success compared to reactiveness of customer support function and additional insights she’s learnt over these years working in customer success.

Key Takeaways

  • Customer Success ensures that the customer is able to use the product in best form and manner.

  • Consultants would be great at customer success because their job is also to understand the problem and devise a solution. The only difference is that when you’re in customer success, the solution becomes the product.

  • Customer Success folks are like brand ambassadors for the company once the customer is onboarded.

If you’re into customer success, you cannot miss listening to Sandhya Tomer.

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