Lavanya Gopinath - SaaS Sessions
Lavanya Gopinath - SaaS Sessions

SaaS Ops 101 with Lavanya Gopinath, Director of Operations at Chargebee


In this episode, we speak to Lavanya Gopinath, Director of Operations at Chargebee.

She has over 17 years of experience in creating, delivering and managing software, teams and functions. She joined Chargebee as a Senior Program Manager in Nov 2018 and has been working there for almost three years.

In our conversation with her, Lavanya introduces the operations function and shares actionable tactics one can use to set up an operations function from scratch.

Key Takeaways

  • When choosing a tool, it’s important to check if it has a good API because automating data inflow and outflow is important.

  • If you’re looking to build a customer view that acts as a single source of truth for everybody in the company, you can use Tableau.

  • The right time to set up a dedicated operations team is when you feel the need for a team structure.

  • The Operations function keeps everybody accountable and enables teams to focus and execute. This makes it a very critical organisation for any established company.

If you’re into operations, you cannot miss listening to Lavanya Gopinath.

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