Eli Schwartz - SaaS Sessions
Eli Schwartz - SaaS Sessions

Product Led SEO with Eli Schwartz, Growth Advisor & SEO Consultant


In this episode, we speak to Eli Schwartz, a Growth Advisor and SEO Consultant.

Let's learn about our guest’s journey first. Eli started his career as a Business development executive at QuinStreet. Then moved to SEO. He has worked as an SEO Advisor for companies like Quora, IBM, Zendesk and Shutterstock. He was the former Director of Growth & SEO at Survey Monkey where he worked for over seven years. He lead the global SEO team there and worked on the user funnel optimisation.

Currently, he works as a Growth Advisor and SEO Consultant at companies like G2, Mixpanel, Automattic and many other tech companies. In this episode, Eli Schwartz talks about the concept of Product Led SEO, shares his learnings working as an SEO professional for over 16 years and about his new book.

Key Takeaways

  • Google is an AI company. Their ultimate goal is to imitate user experience (how an actual human would suggest you results) on search. Hence, all tactics should be white-hat as Google will ultimately fix the loopholes.

  • It's important to attribute organic traffic to your leads and conversions. This will help you calculate the value of the channel and invest resources accordingly.

  • In a situation of an algorithm update, rather than panicking about the lost organic traffic, try to understand if it has actually affected your revenue or not.

If you're into SEO, you can't miss listening to Eli as he talks about his learnings working as an SEO professional for large tech companies on our podcast.

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