Veekshith Rai - SaaS Sessions
Veekshith Rai - SaaS Sessions

Unscripted Sessions with Veekshith Rai, Co-founder & COO at


In this episode, we talk to Veekshith Rai, Co-founder & COO at is a SaaS tool that simplifies accounts payables for businesses and helps CFO’s better understand and align their organisational spending. Veekshith Rai along with his co-founders started the company in 2016. Today, the tool is used by over 500+ businesses including Swiggy, Quikr and Urban Company.

In our conversation with him, Veekshith Rai talks about the approach and process he followed for idea validation and building the product. He also shares the goals for 2021 and how they’re expanding into the middle-east market.

Key Takeaways

  • Unlike traditional startup founders who build their initial MVP and validate the idea from early adopters and then raise funds, Veekshith Rai took a completely different approach where he directly validated the idea by speaking to investors and VC firms.

  • Hiring the right employees is critical especially at the early stage. Something that Veekshith found useful when hiring early employees was looking for entrepreneurial spirit and asking for their hobbies. Most passionate folks like to blog and read a lot.

If you’re a founder, then you cannot miss listening to Veekshith Rai.

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