Anuj Adhiya - SaaS Sessions
Anuj Adhiya - SaaS Sessions

Growth marketing in uncertain times with Anuj Adhiya


In this episode, I hosted Anuj Adhiya, VP of Growth at Jamber and former Director of Engagement at GrowthHackers to talk about growth marketing in uncertain times.

Anuj our guest today has had a fascinating and inspiring career. Interestingly, he didn't have to do anything with growth six years back. Anuj, who has two master degrees in Chemistry, started his career as an engineer.

Almost 15 years later, Anuj was approached by Shaw Ellis, founder of GrowthHackers to join his initial team. Anuj who started as a group moderator, later became the director of Engagement and Analytics. A lot of his learnings about growth comes from the experiments he did there. After spending almost five years working at GrowthHackers, he joined The Predictive Index, where he worked for nine months.

He's currently the VP of Growth at Jamber. In this episode, we talk about growth at the time of the pandemic. Anuj also explains to us how companies can leverage this time to understand their customers better and pivot depending upon the situation and results. He further shares his key learnings from his journey, favourite book and what keeps him going.

Key Takeaways

  • Growth is the same as what we've all done at college - experiments (which contains aim, hypothesis, material, observation, results and conclusion).

  • Understanding the true value of your product is a must, especially during such times. Try to ask multiple questions to your customers, don't stop at "Why do you love our product?"

  • Pandemic is not the time to extract money from your customers, but to provide them value first by offering it for free. Getting them onboard first should be the priority.

If you're passionate about growth, you need to listen to Anuj and his learnings as a growth leader.

Check out Anuj's book, Growth Marketing for Dummies on Amazon.

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