Vartika Verma - SaaS Sessions
Vartika Verma - SaaS Sessions

Upgrading Customer Service with AI ft. Vartika Verma, Yellow Messenger


In this episode, we speak to Vartika Verma, VP of Global Marketing at Yellow Messenger

After graduating in mass media and marketing, Vartika Verma started her career as a Marketing Manager at DirectI. There she worked for almost four years and was responsible for lead generation through online and offline sales implementation. In her time there she also played a crucial role in launching BigRock, a popular domain, and website hosting company. Apart from DirectI, she has worked at companies like Payoneer and Hike. 

Currently, she's the VP of Global Marketing at Yellow Messenger, a conversational AI platform that helps enterprises automate their core business functions like sales, marketing, and customer support. 

In our conversation with Vartika, we try to understand how different brands are using AI chatbots to streamline customer service and her learnings working at Yellow Messenger. 

Key Takeaways

  • If you want to get into marketing, start your career as a salesperson. It will help you understand your customers and their challenges better.

  • Improving customer service while reducing costs is the major challenge that customer success leaders are facing today.

  • Chatbots can be leveraged both for streamlining internal and external communications. Externally, it can help with customer support, sales, and marketing.

  • Apart from improving customer experience, chatbots also play a crucial role in improving employee/agent experience (and increasing their productivity) by equipping them with the right information required to solve a support request faster.

If you're passionate about conversational AI, you cannot miss listening to Vartika Verma.

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