Krati Seth - SaaS Sessions
Krati Seth - SaaS Sessions

Setting up a sales enablement function ft. Krati Seth


In this episode, we hosted Krati Seth, Head of Global Sales Enablement at Whatfix to discuss how companies can build a sales enablement function to support sales teams and drive business impact.

With over a decade of experience across different roles, Krati is Currently the head of global sales enablement at Whatfix.

Before Whatfix, she spent 8 long years at Zycus - starting as a Business Development Associate and leaving as a Senior Sales Enablement Manager. 

Krati shares that there are 3 types of companies in India - those who are aware and convinced about enablement, those who are aware but are not convinced, and those who are unaware of enablement.

She talks about WHY business should focus on building an enablement org. And when is the right time to think about it.

She shares her insights on helping build enablement functions at Zycus and Whatfix, plus all the other companies she has consulted. She also talks about the problems that enablement will solve and the impact it drives.

All this and more with Krati in this episode.

In our last season, we also hosted Phil Putnam, former VP of Enablement at Notified to talk about his perspective on building a sales enablement function.

Tune in to the episode now

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