Smriti Chopra - SaaS Sessions
Smriti Chopra - SaaS Sessions

Product Marketing team alignment for better decision making with Smriti Chopra, Zapier


In this episode, we speak to Smriti Chopra, ex-Product Marketer at Zapier.

Previously, she has led product and partner marketing teams at companies like Wingify and Hubspot. Currently, she’s the Product Marketing lead at Shopify.

Key Takeaways

  • The role of product marketing team depends on how a organisation is structured and where they see the maximum potential for growth.

  • The focus of the product marketing team changes according to the stage of the company.

  • Product marketing’s role is to align the impact of different functions like sales and customer success with company goals.

  • A product marketing team is most successful when they share common goals with different teams in the organisation.

  • Smriti suggests that a company's first product marketer should be a generalist and have a good understanding of how a business functions.

If you’re a product marketer, you cannot miss listening to Smriti Chopra.

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