Anupam Rastogi - SaaS Sessions
Anupam Rastogi - SaaS Sessions

Landmines in the Launchpad: Avoiding US GTM Disasters


In this episode of the SaaS sessions podcast, we hosted Anupam Rastogi, General Partner at Emergent Ventures, which invests in early-stage SaaS companies.

Anupam shares his journey from becoming an engineer and inventor to entering the venture capital side over the last 20 years in enterprise SaaS. The conversation focuses on the challenges Indian SaaS founders face when scaling to the U.S. market.

Key topics include the importance of spending sufficient time in the U.S., not limiting networking to just Indian founders, understanding and strategizing appropriate U.S. pricing, and recognizing that product-market fit in India doesn't directly translate to the US market.

Anupam also shares practical advice on when founders should consider moving to the U.S., how to navigate diverse founder networks, and how to leverage early believers in one's product.

The episode wraps with a discussion on personal lessons from successes and failures in the SaaS venture world.

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