Karishma Rajaratnam - SaaS Sessions
Karishma Rajaratnam - SaaS Sessions

Evolving marketing from $1mn to $10mn ARR with Karishma Rajaratnam, ChartMogul


In this episode, we speak to Karishma Rajaratnam, Head of Growth at ChartMogul.

Before ChartMogul, Karishma headed the growth function at Chargebee. She worked there for almost five years. In her time there she was responsible for streamlining paid advertisements, product marketing, and customer marketing. Before quitting she was the Head of Self-Serve & Product Led Growth there.

In our conversation, she shares her key learnings from her time at Chargebee and talks about how companies should approach marketing when scaling from $1mn to $10mn ARR.

Key insights from our conversation with her -

  • Understanding the marketing channels that have been working for a company and doubling down that is important. In addition to this teams should also be experimenting with different growth channels parralelly.

  • Having a growth mindset is very critical. Here's a great article from FirstRound she recommends reading.

  • Leads are a vanity metric. To understand whether your marketing efforts are bringing in the right leads, you'll need to map metrics like customer retention and lifetime value of the customers with different marketing channels.

  • Depending on your target audience you'll need to change your customer acquisition channels.

If you're passionate about SaaS growth marketing you cannot miss our conversation with Karishma.

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