Anish Thambi - SaaS Sessions
Anish Thambi - SaaS Sessions

Pivoting B2B Field Marketing to drive revenue with Anish Thambi, Automation Anywhere


In this episode, we speak to Anish Thambi, Director Field Marketing at Automation Anywhere, a global enterprise robotic process automation (RPA) solution and platform.

In his previous avatar, Anish has handled field marketing for companies like Pluralsight, Akamai Technologies, and has over 13+ years of experience. In our conversation with him, we try to understand how the pandemic has changed field marketing and what strategies companies can leverage to drive revenue using this channel.

Key Insights from our conversation

  • The way field marketers communicate with prospects has completely transformed from physical to digital. But at the core, everything is still remains the same. The aim should be to educate prospects.

  • Showcasing customer stories and how they solved a particular problem is a very effective way of generating leads.

  • Understanding how your audience is behaving at regular intervals is very important.

  • Marketing is infotainment. If you can produce content that is entertaining, mix it with your brand values and be empathetic, you can get your prospect's attention. Try to focus on providing value.

  • Field marketers need to develop video skills and become infotainers. It's the new normal. They should start investing time in learning it.

If you're passionate about field marketing, you need to listen to Anish and his learnings in our latest episode.

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