Arjun Pillai - SaaS Sessions
Arjun Pillai - SaaS Sessions

Insent's exit to ZoomInfo with Arjun Pillai, CEO,


In this episode, we speak to Arjun Pillai, currently the SVP Products & Growth, ZoomInfo and former Founder & CEO of

We talk about Insent's exit to ZoomInfo. Arjun's second exit. Before founding, Arjun co-founded Profoundis, a product that helped companies to understand more about prospects through public data. He worked on it for five years before exiting the company to FullContact. The exit was the first-ever tech product acquisition from the state of Kerala, India in history.

To learn more about Arjun Pillai's journey, you should check our previous conversation with Arjun Pillai.

Key Takeaways

  • The stage of the company and the company you’re exiting to is very critical during an exit.

  • Taking advice from other founders can greatly help when considering companies for exit.

  • Creating a decision framework is key to making the right decision.

If you’re a SaaS founder, you cannot miss listening to Arjun Pillai.

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