Vikas Potta
Vikas Potta

Impact of COVID-19 on B2B revenue generation with Vikas Potta, FusionCharts


In this episode, we speak to Vikas Potta, VP Sales at FusionCharts.

Vikas Potta who's an IIM Bengaluru graduate started his career in SaaS by starting his own company, Zepo in 2012. The aim was to empower small businesses to sell products online through their e-commerce platform. He worked there for almost six years before quitting and joining the sales team at FusionCharts, the industry's leading charting solution in JavaScript with customers including Apple, Facebook, IBM, and others.

In this episode, Vikas Potta takes us through the steps he took at FusionCharts to minimise the impact of the pandemic on the revenue numbers.

Here are few learnings from our conversation -

  • Conversations today have moved from physical meetings to live chat. Closure times have reduced too. This is because of the friction less work that's been happening across many organisations.

  • The pandemic has given time to marketing and sales teams to change their messaging, collaterals, calling scripts, and other resources.

  • It's advisable to have more conversations with existing customers and try up-selling them your different product offerings to drive revenue. It's an easier way to meet your monthly targets.

  • Pushing discounts might not help for all types of leads. So try finding the right segment and capitilise on that.

  • Giving users enough time to make a purchase decision is extremely important in these times. Focus on making more conversations.

If you're passionate about sales, you cannot miss listening to Vikas Potta on our latest episode.

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