Ankit Chaturvedi - SaaS Sessions
Ankit Chaturvedi - SaaS Sessions

Should marketing team have revenue goals? ft. Ankit Chaturvedi, VP & Global Head of Marketing at RateGain


In this episode, we’re introducing you to Ankit, the VP and Global Head of Marketing at Rate Gain, India’s first publicly listed SaaS company. Ankit comes with 15+ years of experience in building scalable systems and has a lot of insights to offer to marketing professionals. In this discussion, we’ve spoken about:

  • Evolution of marketing at Rate Gain, with Ankit and his team discovering innovative methods of marketing.

  • Implementing revenue targets for marketing teams, and how it’s closely tied to business goals and sales success.

  • Investing in long-term branding correctly and driving brand visibility with social media and PR.

  • Positive impact of internal collaboration between marketing and other teams on revenue goals.

Lessons to look out for:

  • Ankit’s insights on activity-based vs outcome-based marketing

  • Marketing sprints to adapt rapidly to priority tasks

  • How to make marketing investments that impact the bottom line

This episode is perfect for marketing professionals and business leaders looking for practical marketing execution strategies and impactful approaches to scale up!

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