Praveen Das - SaaS Sessions
Praveen Das - SaaS Sessions

Marketing Analytics 101 with Praveen Das, Co-founder,


In this episode, we speak to Praveen Das, Co-founder of Before this, he was the Director of Products at InMobi.

Factors.AI empowers B2B Marketing Teams to make sense of their diverse customer data and make smarter, faster decisions.

In a conversation with him, we discuss how B2B marketing has changed over the years and how this changed and impacted data capturing. We also try to understand new types of GTM influences by analyzing the data.

Key Takeaways

  • In the last decade, there are multiple GTM strategies are running parallelly.

  • Marketing metrics have moved from TOFU to BOFU. It has gone beyond acquisition to account expansion and engagement.

  • When developing a product, optimizing for simplicity is far more important than solving for every scenario.

  • Large problem marketing teams are facing is stitching data at an account level. 

If you’re a marketer and want to get a glimpse of Data 3.0, you cannot miss listening to Praveen.

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