Vikram Bhaskaran - SaaS Sessions
Vikram Bhaskaran - SaaS Sessions

Marketing Funnels 101 ft. Vikram Bhaskaran


Join us in this episode as we delve into the world of B2B SaaS marketing with Vikram. Vikram - a startup guru, serial entrepreneur, B2B SaaS expert, and most recently, the VP of marketing at Chargebee.

Highlights Worth Noting:

  • Understanding Marketing Funnels: Vikram provided insights into the marketing funnels, their foundational principles, and their implications in B2B SaaS and other industries.

  • Alignment with Buyer's Journey: We learned how funnels in CRM are not only originated from but also aligned with the buyer's journey

  • Measuring Success: We dived deep into the methods to measure success at different stages of the funnel and which metrics to pick.

  • Navigating Funnel Stages: Vikram shared strategies for guiding customers through various funnel stages, from unawareness to becoming SQLs, with the right pressure.

  • Going Back to the Basics: We talked about the IDA model, how traditional methods combined with modern ones help ace funnel analysis, and how we can avoid the 60-day rejection period using smart marketing tactics.

  • Short-term Practices and Long-term Investments: We spoke in detail about needing to strike the right balance between short-term marketing practices and long-term investments with Vikram’s analogy of his project, the Subscription Academy.

  • Simplifying Marketing Principles: B2B marketing is a beast but it can be boiled down to 11th standard physics. Listen on!

Join us as we explore the challenges (and excitements) of B2B SaaS marketing and don't miss out on Vikram's personal insights and life lessons shared towards the end of the episode!

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