Aniket Malvankar - SaaS Sessions
Aniket Malvankar - SaaS Sessions

How to become a successful product leader? with Aniket Malvankar


Aniket is the Founder/CEO of Product Bricks Ventures, a product & technology consulting firm with HQ in Dallas. He has been an integral part of product teams that have led to successful acquisition combining over 150 million. He has over 15 years of product development experience with AGILE teams in the Internet of Things & Wireless space. He has a Ph.D. in Wireless communication and learned Entrepreneurship at Stanford.

He loves to teach and mentor through various platforms like Everwise, Product School, LinkedIn, etc. and serves on the Advisory board for Startups in India.

In this episode, he talks about, why does a product need a product leader and what are the qualities of a product leader?

We also discussed how a good product leader can make the product successful and a bad product leader can break it. Also, take a dive into a typical day of a product leader with Aniket.

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