Arundhati Balachandran - SaaS Sessions
Arundhati Balachandran - SaaS Sessions

Data driven Customer Success ft. Arundhati Balachandran, Chargebee


In this episode, we speak with Arundhati Balachandran, Senior Director, Customer Success at Chargebee.

Arundhati Balachandran has over 15+ years of experience in the GTM space wearing multiple hats in sales, pre-sales, and consulting. She joined Chargebee as the Director of Sales in early 2018, and after a year setting up the team, she took over a five-member customer success team in 2019, which has now transformed into a 30 member global Customer Success team.

In our conversation with her, she shares few important metrics CS teams should track, the importance of net retention rate, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Leading customer indicators (attributes such as the growth of the customer, product usage or feature adoption) is very important for both retention and renewals.

  • It's difficult to correlate NPS with churn. When it comes to NPS, no news is good news. Churn comes from people you don't know enough about your product and have rarely any feedback to share.

  • There no such thing as post-sales because sales motion is a continuous loop right from MQLs/prospects to renewals. It's recommended that organisations treat customers such that they're still in presales as it will help provide them with the best experience.

If you're into customer success or looking to build a customer success team, you cannot miss listening to Arundhati.

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