Surendar Natarajan - SaaS Sessions
Surendar Natarajan - SaaS Sessions

Unscripted Sessions with Surendar Natarajan, CEO of


To understand how to tackle a few common B2B challenges, we recently hosted Surendar Natarajan, CEO on our podcast. We discussed how B2B leaders were dealing with the global pandemic situation and how industries are affected economically.

Let's learn about a bit of Surendar's career first. He started his career by working at TCS as a software engineer for almost six years. After that, he joined Owler as the Director of Engineering, where he worked for five years remotely. Finally, he quit Owler to start his own company,

Surendar saw that most of the data (business leads/company contacts) provided by companies like Zoominfo and others were outdated, and saw scope for disruption.'s focus has always been on quality, and it has been one of the biggest product differentiators among the competition. In this episode, Surendar shares his journey, the vision of the company and what has helped them to shine in a rather competitive market.

Here's a little bit about

Adapt is a 3-year-old bootstrapped B2B SaaS company that helps B2B companies with the database for sales and marketing teams. 

Key Highlights about Adapt -

  • has 99% accuracy with their database. 

  • It was a leader in G2Crowd's sales quadrant in 2019.

  • became cash flow positive in less than a year

Key Takeaways -

  • Focus on quality first.

  • SaaS is booming in India, and it's a great time to start a company. There's a huge cost advantage.

  • When hiring, look for passionate people even when they lack skill or two.

If you're planning to start a SaaS company, you cannot miss listening Surendar as he shares his story in the episode.

Tune in to the episode now

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