Shay Howe - SaaS Sessions
Shay Howe - SaaS Sessions

Design Data and Metrics with Shay Howe, VP of Design at ActiveCampaign


In this podcast, we speak to Shay Howe, VP of Design at ActiveCampaign.

Shay Howe has led product and design teams for almost a decade. His career started as a frontend developer and eventually into product design. At ActiveCampaign, a popular marketing automation tool, Shay leads a team of designers who are focused on solving customer problems that impacts the business and CX the most.

In this episode, Shay takes us through his team at ActiveCampaign and how they use UX research to make data-driven decisions. He also shares advice on customer research and feature prioritisation.

Key Takeaways

  • Shay recommends being data influenced than data-driven.

  • Use the RICE (Reach, Impact, Confidence, Effort) framework to prioritise a feature (especially useful for product managers).

  • Review websites like G2Crowd and Capterra can be a great asset in understanding the customer's pain points better.

If you are passionate about design and solving customer problems through it, you need to listen to Shay Howe.

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