Erik Newton - SaaS Sessions
Erik Newton - SaaS Sessions

The Art of Lead Nurturing ft. Erik Newton, CMO at Hubilo


For this episode, we sat down for a lively discussion with Eric Newton, the CMO at Hubilo and previously the VP of Marketing at Milestone Inc. We explored the nuanced strategies of lead nurturing in B2B marketing, its importance for growth, and insights from his personal experience of being a growth marketing executive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Importance of virtual events and webinars in lead nurturing and building potential relationships. Eric gave expert insights on how event promotions play a big part in lead nurture.

  • Strategies and ideas for lead nurturing across the funnel, from ToFu, MoFu to BoFu.

  • How you can master tailored nurturing that resonates with specific groups from different industries.

  • How personalization and segmentation are more than just keywords.

  • Using sophisticated platforms like Marketo or Eloqua to manage and score leads efficiently.

Unmissable highlights:

  • We spoke about how content plays a huge role in moving leads across the pipeline. Eric mentions particular content pieces that work well with the consumer!

  • Eric highlights the need for sales and marketing synergy to achieve the best results.

  • We dive deep into not just setting up nurturing programs, but also how to maintain them. and optimize them to get sustained results.

  • We navigate the art of balancing automation with human interactions to get leads.

Get all of this and more on sophisticated lead nurture strategies from our conversation with Eric!

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