Akshaya Kamath - SaaS Sessions
Akshaya Kamath - SaaS Sessions

Building your Content Marketing Stack with Akshata Kamath, MoEngage


In this episode, we speak to Akshata Kamath, who heads Content Marketing at MoEngage.

To give a backstory, Akshata's passion for writing started in school. She tells in the episode; it's the sole reason for her success so far. Her passion for technology and writing found her a job as a Technical writer after college. After a few years, she eventually moved into content marketing. She has an overall 12 years of experience in working with companies like Simplilearn and Vizury.

Currently, she heads Content Marketing at MoEngage, an omnichannel marketing platform. In this episode, she talks about her role there. She also explains the content marketing stack they use and shares the importance of certain design tools and how content teams can leverage it to increase their productivity.

Key Takeaways

  • If your or your content team works on reports, you can leverage tools like Canva and Infogram to produce high-quality collaterals faster without relying on designers.

  • Similarly, for creating videos faster, she recommends tools like Rocketium and Lumen5.

  • Zest.is is a great platform to promote or sponsor content.

If you're a content writer or a marketer, you need to hear Akshata Kamath's story in our latest episode.

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