Tanishq Juneja - SaaS Sessions
Tanishq Juneja - SaaS Sessions

Unscripted Sessions with Tanishq Juneja


In this episode we talk to Tanishq Juneja who is the CEO and co-founder of Pepipost.

Email continues to be the most effective channel for businesses communication. But any email campaign's success is largely dependent on email deliverability. Today we speak to Tanishq who started Pepipost, a SaaS Email platform focused on providing high email deliverability. Pepipost has over 50,000 customers and they send around 8 billion emails per month.

Tanishq started his career as a Sales executive at Netcore which is an AI powered growth marketing platform. After heading email marketing for over six years there, his love for email led him to start Pepipost, a subsidiary of Netcore. Since then, he has been working relentlessly to make it the most robust Email API and SMTP service.

In our conversation with him, he talks about how he started Pepipost, the tactics they used to attract their initial customers and a few best practices for sending email campaigns.

Here are some key takeaways if you're looking to improve your email deliverability -

  • Ensure to clean your email list regularly

  • Segment users depending upon their engagement and personalise the campaigns accordingly

  • Create email campaigns that trigger users to reply

  • Never send an email campaign to unsubscribed users. Getting your email marked as spam is that last thing you want

If you're interested in improving the performance of your email campaigns or just curious about the future of email, you need to give the episode a listen.

You can reach out to Tanishq on Linkedin and Twitter.

You can read more about why brands choose Pepipost here : https://pepipost.com/blog/50000-brands-use-pepipost-as-their-smtp-server/

Tune in to the episode now

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