Nick Bennett - SaaS Sessions
Nick Bennett - SaaS Sessions

Shifting from Physical to Virtual Events with Nick Bennet, Clari


In this episode, we speak to Nick Bennet, Field Marketing Leader at Clari. We talk about the current state of events and how companies are pivoting to virtual events for lead generation.

Let's learn about Nick first. Nick started his career as a sales executive and later moved into Field Marketing. He has over seven years of experience working as a Field Marketer at companies like PlanGrid and Jive Software.

Currently, he's the Head of Field Marketing at Clari, a Revenue Operations Platform for B2B organisations. In this episode, Nick shares how their team has pivoted to virtual events and goes over their plan for it in the coming months. He also shares his personal tips and strategies to help teams struggling with virtual events.

Key Takeaways

  • Virtual roundtables are a great alternative and highly scalable when compared to in-person events.

  • People love conversations. Hence, avoid using a deck in your virtual roundtables.

  • Understanding the exact metrics at the different stages when doing virtual events is important to make the most of your efforts.

If you are looking to understand the right approach to virtual events to attract leads and drive revenue for your business, you need to listen to Nick.

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