Yoni Solomon - SaaS Sessions
Yoni Solomon - SaaS Sessions

Developing a winning GTM strategy with Yoni Solomon, G2


In this episode, we speak to Yoni Solomon, Director of Product Marketing & Strategy at G2

Before diving into the topic, let us learn a little about our guest. Yoni Solomon has over 8+ years of experience working as a product marketer and has launched multiple products for some of the biggest tech companies. He started his career as a marketing coordinator at Vibes, a mobile marketing platform where we worked for almost 6 years. His responsibilities included owning go-to-market, thought leadership, digital marketing, email, announcements/press, and partner marketing activities.

He quit Vibes to join Power Reviews as the Head of Network Marketing where he worked for more than 2 years. Currently, he's the Director of Product Marketing & Strategy at G2 and has been recognised as the world's 50 Most Influential Product Marketers. 

In this episode, Yoni walks us through his process for building a winning GTM strategy. He also talks about how one can build great product marketing teams and shares his key learnings from previous launches.

Key Takeaways

  • Testing messaging when launching a new product is equally important as testing the product's capabilities before launch or in soft launch.

  • When building a product marketing team, it is not important to find the best candidates but those who fits your system best. Hire for balance and system fit.

  • Creating a GTM process that everyone in your team agrees upon and follows is very important for a successful launch.

If you're a product marketer, you cannot miss Yoni's episode where he shares his learnings around building a winning GTM strategy.

Check out Yoni's GTM Playbook here.

Learn the exact process Yoni used to build a winning product marketing team here.

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