Matthew Barnett - SaaS Sessions
Matthew Barnett - SaaS Sessions

Using personalised videos with Matthew Barnett, CEO of Bonjoro


In this episode, we speak to Matthew Barnett, CEO of Bonjoro.

It's very interesting to learn how Bonjoro started. When Matthew was running an agency (based out of Australia) he faced a huge challenge. He and his team weren’t able to engage with leads coming from the US and UK due to the timezone difference. To solve this they built an internal platform which was used to send welcome videos to these leads at a specific time. They would record videos and schedule it every day. These videos enabled them to engage with leads at a personal level.

After six months of building the platform, they saw a lot of interest from clients wanting to use it for their own company. That's when they knew they were onto something big and started to work on it full-time. Bonjoro helps you send personalised videos to customers. This is could be for onboarding, sales, asking for reviews, thanking them and more.

In this episode, Matthew shares the story behind Bonjoro, the kind of results you can expect after using it and his personal productivity tips for startup founders.

Key Takeaways

  • Video can help you get higher open rates and drive more conversions when compared to normal text emails.

  • Having an early morning routine can you help you be more productive.

  • As a founder, in order to be successful, it's important to spend a considerable time every day working on the bigger business strategies for your company.

If you're looking to learn how videos can help improve conversions and decrease churn, you need to listen to Matthew talk about his company, Bonjoro.

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