Aadil Bandukwala - SaaS Sessions
Aadil Bandukwala - SaaS Sessions

Product Evangelism with Aadil Bandukwala, HackerRank


In this episode, we speak to Aadil Bandukwala, APAC Marketing Director, HackerRank.

Brand evangelism is one of the oldest forms of marketing. But it's not straightforward and requires more than just hiring an evangelist. To help us understand more about brand evangelising we have Aadil Bandukwala, ex Chief Brand Evangelist, Belong, an outbound hiring platform backed by VCs like Sequoia, Unbound and Matrix Venture Partners. With over 15+ years of experience Aadil has spent a lot of time at some great companies including Dell, LinkedIn, HackerRank and his own across various roles like marketing, talent acquisition and branding.

In our conversation with him we understand the role of a brand evangelist, which companies should hire a evangelist, how to find one and the other nuances of evangelism.

Key Insights from the conversation -

  • Just hiring a evangelist won't be enough, as a company you need to support them with the right resources and budget. Moreover the founders should have a long term company vision and the right mindset for them succeed.

  • Evangelists creates industries and in many cases movements. They themselves a true fan of the product and are always excited to participate in conversations around it.

  • An evangelist should focus on two major channels - Internal and External. Evangelising a product outside is as important as inside the company. It's very important to have people in your companies that are truly interested about the product and the industry. As a first step you should ensure you're interacting with these folks regularly by doing events and other activities. Externally, your social media channels are your most powerful asset.

  • As evangelists you should be always in the lookout for new channels and opportunities.

  • The golden rule of envalgelism is listening your customers and helping them no matter what.

If you're passionate about product evangelising then you need to listen to Aadil Bandukwala in our latest episode.

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