Joe Aurilia - SaaS Sessions
Joe Aurilia - SaaS Sessions

Building Across Borders ft. Joe Aurilia, SVP of Operations at Cyware


In the latest episode of SaaS Sessions, I had the pleasure of hosting Joe Aurilia, the Senior VP of Operations at Cyware.

Joe discusses his transition from heavy applications to SaaS, his role in growing Cyware from two to seven countries, and the challenges and strategies in managing remote teams.

His extensive experience in scaling businesses globally provided invaluable insights into handling operational challenges, mitigating risks, and achieving a balance between speed and perfection.

Joe emphasized the importance of documentation and process standardization for scalability. He also shared how remote work dynamics necessitate robust onboarding and continuous engagement strategies.

He highlights the significance of understanding local markets and adapting processes accordingly, rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all solution.

Discussing risk management, Joe suggested prioritizing risks based on their potential impact and frequency. He advocated for a balanced approach, focusing on resolving critical risks quickly while planning for detailed solutions over time.

Overall, Joe's insights underscore the need for adaptability, continuous learning, and effective communication in successfully scaling operations across diverse geographies.

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