Srinath Srinivasan - SaaS Sessions
Srinath Srinivasan - SaaS Sessions

Talking Tech SaaS sales with Srinath Srinivasan, Head of Sales at Plivo


In this episode of SaaS Sessions podcast, we hosted Srinath Srinivasan, Head of Sales at Pilvo to talk more about the sales for a Tech SaaS company.

Srinath started his career as a Senior Implementation Engineer at Infosys. After a few years, he joined Subex, where we worked for almost 12 years. It was also the company where he made the transition into sales. Currently, he's heading the sales and customer success functions at Plivo, a communication API platform.

In the episode, Srinath talks about his transition, best practices for folks looking to move into sales and his learnings along the way.

Key Takeaways

  • When making the transition into sales, start small. It's always better to make the transition in the same organisation instead of looking for a new opportunity.

  • Setting clear, measurable goals is important to track one's progress. This is key to understand if the role is actually working out or not.

If you're into sales or looking to move to sales, you need to listen to his story.

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