Nimesh Mathur - SaaS Sessions
Nimesh Mathur - SaaS Sessions

Talking Customer Success with Nimesh Mathur, Branch


In this episode, we speak to Nimesh Mathur, Head of Customer Success at Branch.

Before diving into the topic in hand, let's learn about our guest first. After graduating from the University of Rajasthan, Nimesh started his career as a Software Engineer at Cognizant. Almost 2 years later, he quit his job to join an early-age startup, eLitmus as a founding Customer Sucess team member. He worked there for almost six years.

Altogether Nimesh has over 12 years of experience in working and building Customer Success teams. He's worked at companies like Pluralsight and HackerRank. Currently, he heads the Customer Sucess team for India, SEA and ANZ at Branch, a leading cross-platform linking and attribution tool.

In this episode, we try to decode reasons why CS is an integral part of SaaS businesses and how CS teams can improve collabration with Sales/Marketing/Product teams. We also take a deep dive look into Nimesh's best practices, insights he's learnt over the last decade and more.

Key Takeaways

  • It's important to convert customer feedback into something that is data-driven. Data can enable more effective communication, especially when dealing with product teams.

  • Understanding the desired outcomes at a company level and personal level is very important for mapping out an effective success plan.

  • Customer meetings shouldn't be just tactical. It should always refer back to the bigger goal. Hence, ensure to communicate the impact of the solution at regular intervals to a customer. Never consider it as a one-time thing.

  • As a customer success person, you need to be proactive. There's no reactive customer success.

Whether you’re a Customer Success leader or a beginner you need to listen to Nimesh. He shares some really actionable tips and advice.

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