Geoff Atkinson - SaaS Sessions
Geoff Atkinson - SaaS Sessions

Importance of Technical SEO in 2020 with Geoff Atkinson, CEO of Huckabuy


In this episode, we speak to Geoff Atkinson, the CEO of Huckabuy.

Geoff Atkinson is a SEO veteran with over 13 years of experience. Most of his learnings come from his first company, OverStock, one of America's largest internet retailer where he worked for almost seven years. Since SEO was a major marketing channel for them, he would spend a lot of his time strategising and improving it.

When he left Overstock, Geoff noticed that most of the SEO tools in the market were analytical and rarely helped automating the technical sides of SEO. That's where the idea of Huckabuy came along. It's is a Technical SEO platform that automates key Google initiatives, like dynamic rendering and structured data markup. They've recently raised $2.3MN in seed funding.

In the episode, Geoff takes us through his journey at Overstock, explains the importance of SEO and the reason behind starting Huckabuy.

Key Takeaways

  • Your site speed is more important than you might think. It can greatly affect your SEO rankings.

  • Structured data is crucial for SaaS companies too. It helps Google understand the type of product, features, pricing and more.

If you're into SEO, you need to listen to Geoff as he deep-dives into technical SEO and the reasons behind starting Huckabuy.

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