Anand Datta - SaaS Sessions
Anand Datta - SaaS Sessions

State of SaaS in India with Anand Dutta, VP at Nexus Venture Partners


In this episode, we speak to Anand Dutta, VP at Nexus Venture Partners.

Anand Dutta, an alumnus of IIM-A and IIT-KGP, has worked with a diverse set of companies including Franklin Templeton and BIMA in the past and has an overall experience of 12+ years. 

Currently, he works at Nexus Venture Partners, India’s leading venture capital fund with over $1.5B under management and an active portfolio of over 70 companies. At Nexus, he focuses on investing in early-stage (seed, Series A) companies.

In this episode, we try to understand the State of SaaS of India (our fourth episode in this series). We have also discussed the future of SaaS in India with Nikhil (Partner, Strive VC) and Aviral (Founder, A Junior VC) before.

Key insights about the State of SaaS in India from our conversation with him -

  • While India is a big market for SaaS, we'll see maximum adoption only when people's mindset about cloud software change.

  • With remote work being more prevalent in the coming years, the demand for SaaS software will go through the roof. Various tasks like people management, expense tracking and more that were earlier performed manually, will be now done using a SaaS tool. 

  • The number of first-generation of SaaS product companies in India will only grow in the coming years.

If you're passionate about SaaS, you cannot miss listening to our conversation with Anand Dutta.

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