Aviral Bhatnagar - SaaS Sessions
Aviral Bhatnagar - SaaS Sessions

State of SaaS in India with Aviral Bhatnagar, Founder of A Junior VC


In this episode, we speak to Aviral Bhatnagar, Senior Associate at Guild Capital and the Founder of A Junior VC, a blog that showcases well-researched startup stories.

Before understanding the State of SaaS of India, let us learn about our guest first. After studying Physics from IIT KGP, Aviral got in IIM Ahmedabad to pursue MBA in Finance. 

After graduating, Aviral joined Guild Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in India and US-based companies as a Senior Associate. He focuses on early-stage/venture investments in India and the US, and leading India investments there. He has been working there for more than four years now. On the side, Aviral runs A Junior VC, a blog where he shares in-depth startup stories along with a group of contributors. The blog has over 15k subscribers and gets 80k visitors per month. 

Key Insights

  • The market for software has been always there. But the internet has accelerated digital adoption in the last 10 years which has pivotal for SaaS in India.

  • The Internet has democratised access and ability to sell SaaS tools. It has brought down prices and made things modularised.

  • With marketing-led model companies don’t need to have a team in the US to sell in the US. 

If you're passionate about SaaS you need to listen to our conversation with Aviral.

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