Scindia Balasingh - SaaS Sessions
Scindia Balasingh - SaaS Sessions

Setting Up Partner Marketing for B2B with Scindia Balasingh, Freshworks


In this episode, we speak to Scindia Balasingh, Head of Marketing - Global ISV Partnerships, Freshworks.

Scindia Balasingh as many other engineering graduates found her passion for marketing in college. She started her career as a Senior Marketing Executive at Blue Star Limited. She quit Blue Star to join Redington India as the Head of Marketing where she spent close to six years. She played a crucial role in scaling the marketing function there. Currently, she heads Global ISV Partnerships at Freshworks.

In this episode, we pick her brain to learn what companies should keep in mind when setting up partner marketing and learn some useful tips and strategies -

  • With increasing competition, SaaS companies need to leverage different channels like technological partnerships to acquire customers. In fact, the customer per acquisition cost is the lowest for paid marketing when compared to other channels like paid media.

  • Strategical partnerships can greatly help companies reduce churn and increase lifetime value (LTV).

  • Choosing the right partners according to the geography, target audience and other factors is the key. A good hack is to find the right partner is to analyse the different tools your customers are using to run their business.

  • Few examples of partner marketing activities include webinars, PR, blogs, virtual roundtables, summits etc. 

If you're passionate about increasing customer retention and are always in the lookout for different acquisition channels, you need to listen Scindia Balasingh.

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