Ronen Rubenfeld, Gilad Bornstein - SaaS Sessions
Ronen Rubenfeld, Gilad Bornstein - SaaS Sessions

How to build a remote work culture?


In this episode, I hosted Gilad Bornstein & Ronen Rubinfeld, Co-Founders of, to talk more about building a remote work culture.

To give a backstory, Gilad and Ronen started their careers as software developers. They have been in the industry for almost 20 years now. Before starting, Gilad was the Senior VP of Engineering at Crossover and Ronen was the Senior Director of Development Management at CodeValue.

The COVID crisis has forced companies to work remotely. But this temporary solution is way different and harder than "actual" remote working. We spoke to Gilad and Ronen to understand the future of remote working, building a remote work culture and how should a company approach it if they want to continue working remotely. In the episode they also share some actionable tips for hiring remote talent and learnings from their new startup, a sourcing agency built to serve remote companies.

Key Takeaways

  • Hiring remotely needs a very different approach when compared to traditional hiring. For starters, the top of the funnel screening should do a good job in testing the technical skills (in case of developer).

  • Before going remote, a company needs to understand the main reason behind it - cutting down on costs, access to better talent, flexibility etc; and plan accordingly.

  • Innovation prevails during times of crisis

If you want to take a deep dive into the future of remote working, you need to listen to Gilad and Ronen's story.

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