Abby Hehemann - SaaS Sessions
Abby Hehemann - SaaS Sessions

How to set up your Customer Marketing framework? ft. Abby Hehemann, Director of Product Marketing at GetResponse


Abby Hehemann, the Director of Product Marketing at GetResponse, joins us for a candid chat about the intricacies of customer marketing in the SaaS ecosystem. With 14+ years of experience in strategic product positioning and value-driven messaging, Abby has a lot to add on the current SaaS marketing innovations and strategies on building customer relationships.

We’ve covered:

  • Abby’s take on new acquisitions and customer retention strategies.

  • Knowledge Abby incurred during her transition from customer support to product marketing.

  • Insights on transitioning customers from regular users to brand advocates with strategic marketing.

  • Deep dive into the specific framework GetResponse uses for effective customer marketing.

Learnings to take home:

  • Tailored Communication: Personalized customer interactions with cultural and regional nuances work best for customers.

  • Data for Engagement: Employing tools like Amplitude correctly helps you get data-driven customer insights.

  • Advocacy as a Growth Lever: Advocacy not only drives marketing efforts but also impacts sales. A good customer story builds trust, unlike any other initiative.

Use this episode as your personal guide to ace targeted and thoughtful customer marketing. Don’t forget to tune into Abby giving some necessary career advice for getting where you need to be!

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