Ketan Pandit - SaaS Sessions
Ketan Pandit - SaaS Sessions

Scaling up the partnerships channel with Ketan Pandit, CleverTap


In this episode, we speak to Ketan Pandit, Director of Global Partner Marketing at CleverTap.

Before diving into the topic, let us understand a bit about Ketan's career first. He comes with over 10+ years of experience in managing business development and demand generation teams at companies like Cognizant and CleverTap.

He currently drives the Partner Marketing channel at CleverTap. One of his main responsibilities is to drive brand awareness and business through effective partnerships. In this episode Ketan explains the different ways companies (according to their stage) should look at partnerships and shares the best practices for scaling it.

Key Takeaways

  • Partnerships impacts companies in different ways - for example an early stage company can greatly benefit from solutions partners like AWS , whereas companies who’ve found product market fit , strategic partners can help them increase their market reach.

  • Partnerships evolves with the organisation and it's important to enable it at the different stages.

If you're looking to scale your partnerships channel you cannot miss listening to our conversation with Ketan.

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