Smrithi Parameshwar - SaaS Sessions
Smrithi Parameshwar - SaaS Sessions

Building new products with Smrithi Parameswar, Product Leader


In this episode, we speak with Smrithi Parameswar, ex. Product Leader at Freshworks

Before becoming a product management consultant, Smrithi spent seven years working with Freshworks in their product function. She has worked on multiple products including Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshcaller and Freshconnect. She was the Director of Product for Freshcaller and Freshconnect when she left the company.

In our conversation with her, we try to understand how businesses should decide which products to build, how can hey measure the success of new products and more.

Key Learnings

  • When building multiple products, businesses need to strengthen their brand, add new product features according to customer feedback, increase deal size and keep a close look at future trends.

  • As a multi-product company, you need to accept the fact that not all products will perform the same.

  • For every new product you build you need to assign to a dedicated team and a budget. You should look it as a new startup. 

  • When building multiple products, you need something that ties all your products together. This will help you ensure you’re on the right path. For example, for Google, it’s their vision for building something that changes the world. 

  • Companies should only think about building a new product when their previous product has achieved product-market fit and is performing well.

If you’re a product manager, you cannot miss listening to Smrithi Parameswar

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