Justin Alva - SaaS Sessions
Justin Alva - SaaS Sessions

How to Build a Marketing Strategy with Justin Alva, AVP Growth at Smallcase


In this episode, we speak to Justin Alva, who is the AVP, Growth at Smallcase.

Justin is an entrepreneur and a seasoned marketer. He started his career by co-founding Whoopey, a deals/offer website similar to Groupon. After that, he played a crucial role in setting up the E-commerce platform at Sportskeeda. A few years later, he started another startup Cupick, a community-driven platform for visual artists where he worked for almost two years.

Currently, he is responsible for Growth at Smallcase, an investment platform. Smallcase allows individuals to invest in stocks and ETF portfolios (referred to as smallcases) with their existing DEMAT accounts.

In the episode, Justin takes us through his startup journey, explains to us how to create a marketing strategy from scratch and shares few learnings from his role at Smallcase.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding your customer is the first step in creating a marketing strategy. Try segmenting them depending on their product usage.

  • Ask different questions to each user segment.

  • User research also help in creating the right messaging for your brand.

If you're a startup founder or a marketer, you need to listen to Justin's startup story.

Tune in to the episode now

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