Abhash Kumar - SaaS Sessions
Abhash Kumar - SaaS Sessions

How to build a culture of care ft Abhash Kumar, VP of Marketing at Springworks


Most people are very aware of the fact that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. That’s why we do just about everything to ensure that we get quality sleep. But what a lot of people don’t think about is that we spend another third of our lives at work, and the culture at our workplace influences our lives in more ways than we’re aware of. 

This is what we sat down to talk about with Abhash Kumar, VP of Marketing at Springworks, one of the fastest-growing HR tech companies in India. 

Having been through the startup ecosystem and having worked at companies like Your Story, BYJUs, and FactorDaily, Abhash has experienced a lot of different company cultures which has helped him in enabling a culture of care at Springworks. 

We asked Abhash about how the team at Springworks goes about defining company culture and his answer was simple: Employee Centricity at the core of every decision. 

While this might sound cliche, it’s the implementation that matters. For example, even the decision of what products to build and focus on is based on the challenges the employees themselves face. And once they realize it’s making their lives easier, they roll it out to the world. 

It’s also important to realize that no company can create the perfect work environment from the word go and that creating a healthy culture is a constantly evolving process. At Springworks, they recently brainstormed over why notice periods can’t be shorter than what they are and reduced it by half. Again, a decision with employee centricity at heart. 

The more you think about making employees' lives easier, the more you realize that employee well-being is not about grand gifts or awards, but about making small changes over time that addresses the little hurdles they face in their everyday life. 

To know more about how Springworks built its culture, and the ethos behind it, listen to the full episode here

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