Maneesh Sharma - SaaS Sessions
Maneesh Sharma - SaaS Sessions

Building GitHub in India with Maneesh Sharma, Country Manager at GitHub


In this episode, we speak to Maneesh Sharma, Country Manager at GitHub India.

Before diving into GitHub's plan for India, let's learn about Maneesh first. His passion for coding started back when he was in college. He started his career as a Senior Systems Engineer at Satyam Computers. After that, he worked at Sun Microsystems for almost four years. He has also headed senior roles at companies like SAP and Adobe.

Most recently he was appointed as the Country Manager at GitHub India to look after its operations. India is one of the largest developer markets in the world behind the US. The whole goal for GitHub in India is to drive more product adoption.

In this episode, Maneesh talks about his past career and some amazing strategies he has planned for GitHub in India.

Here's a quick glimpse at the plans for India -

  • Working closely with the open-source community.

  • Collaborating with colleges by sponsoring hackathons and promoting education apps specifically built for this segment.

  • Creating more India specific content like customer stories, blogs and more.

If you want to learn more about GitHub's plan in India, you can't miss listening to this episode.

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