Vaidehi Murthy - SaaS Sessions
Vaidehi Murthy - SaaS Sessions

Managing social media with Vaidehi Murthy, Dunzo


In this non-saas episode, we speak to Vaidehi Murthy who handles Social Media at Dunzo.

Dunzo is famous for two things - their pick & drop service and for posting "punny" content on social media. Most of their posts are full of puns, references and are well thought through. They also make a point to engage and reply to customers. If you follow them or use their application you know exactly what I'm talking about. In today's episode we speak to Vaidehi Murthy to exactly learn how a social media post goes from ideation to the final version at Dunzo and how they consistently post amazing content on their social media channels.

Before that let's talk a bit about Vaidehi's career. Right after college, she worked for Accenture for a couple of years. After quitting she went to Ladakh to volunteer at Sonam Wangchuk's school, SECMOL. Later on she joined a medical equipment company. It's clear that her career is nothing short of a roller coaster ride.

Regardless, something she's been passionate all along is writing "puns and one-liners" on Twitter. She's been doing it for a decade now and her profile has over 13k+ followers. This is one of the reasons how she landed the social media role at Dunzo with zero marketing experience.

Here are few interesting learnings from our conversation -

  • Apart from creating engagement on social media, Dunzo's social media efforts is also aimed at increasing their word of mouth.

  • The brand team at Dunzo has created different personas for their social media posts. The creatives are designed keeping these personas in mind. They've also mapped personas to social media channels (where they perform the best) and they ensure to only post it there to get maximum ROI.

  • Most of the decisions they take internally is data-driven and a result of of experiments they've done since they started putting out social media posts. Few variables that they constantly test are colors, messaging, language and more.

If you're passionate about social media, you cannot miss our conversation with Vaidehi.

Tune in to the episode now

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