Sunil Neurgaonkar - SaaS Sessions
Sunil Neurgaonkar - SaaS Sessions

[Special Episode] Unscripted Sessions with Sunil Neurgaonkar


We recently reached a major milestone on SaaS Sessions. We crossed 50+ episodes. Yay!

I thought I’ll take this opportunity to share what I've learnt from hosting the guests on my show. 

So we turned tables and for the first time ever I was a guest on the podcast. A huge shoutout to Anuj Adhiya for hosting me.

Here are few learnings that are on the top of my head - 

  • Whether you're a blogger, marketer, podcast host, or someone else, you should try to be consistent in what you're doing. It's the key.

  • Always try to focus on creating quality content vs quantity. It helps you build a great audience in the long run.

  • If you get the processes and strategy right when executing a plan, everything else including the tactics gets automatically aligned to your goal.

  • If you’re starting a podcast today, focus on the quality of content first especially if you're on a tight budget. Don't let it stop you from creating good content. A few months ago, we did a live stream where we shared the best practices and our learnings around podcasting. If you're interested in starting a podcast you should definitely watch the session.

  • If you're passionate about growth, try connecting with your peers in the industry, and learn from their experience. Don't hesitate in sharing your challenges and asking advice.

Tune in to the episode now

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