Kausambi Manjita - SaaS Sessions
Kausambi Manjita - SaaS Sessions

Getting through the challenge of a pivot ft Kausambi Manjita, CEO & Founder at Mason


In SaaS, most product creators run after the perfect product journey from start to finish. When they suddenly notice that what they set out to do and what they’re becoming are very different, most creators either continue going on because of the sunk cost fallacy or exit as early as they possibly can. Very few take the courageous option of pivoting to achieve what they initially wanted to, and in this episode of SaaS Sessions we talk to one such pioneer.

Meet Kausambi Manjita, CEO and Founder at Mason, who not only managed to successfully pivot her business Kubric to Mason, but did so under the restrictive environment of the pandemic. We spoke to her to understand her journey, how she managed the pivot, and the future of the low-code market in India. 

Having been in Product Management roles at giants like IBM, NCR Corporation abroad, on her return to India she continued in similar product roles at Paytm and Myntra, before deciding to venture out on her own. She and her co-founder took up the challenge of enabling large companies to automate their operations, and there was born Kubric. 

Though it took off well with several big profile clients, Kausambi and her co-founder realised that the problem they were trying to solve was much bigger, and that they were addressing it only at a macro-level. And while it was tempting to let a settled business run, they decided to take the risk and pivot. 

Transforming Kubric to Mason had one core objective behind it: to help a large number of brand creators create a better shopping experience for their young shoppers. And it was achieving this objective that gave her the strength to cope with all the challenges on the way- communicating the pivot to the employees, the investors, mentors, customers and the outside world. 

Talking about the low-code market in India, she says that with the growth of businesses that are not necessarily tech-heavy, low-code platforms will grow well because of its ease of use and the ability to deliver results almost immediately. Small businesses without large operations teams would find it convenient as well. 

To know more about how Kausambi and her team managed the challenges that came with the pivot, listen to the full episode here.

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