Deepesh Agarwal - SaaS Sessions
Deepesh Agarwal - SaaS Sessions

Unscripted sessions with Deepesh Agarwal with CEO, MoveInSync


In this episode, we speak to Deepesh Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO of MoveInSync

Deepesh Agarwal founded MoveInSync in 2009. The company provides a transport management platform that is used to move people or goods efficiently. Before MoveInSync, he worked as an Engineering Manager for over five years. 

In this episode, Deepesh Agarwal discusses his initial journey, how they tackled different challenges of the pandemic and turned it into an exciting opportunity.

Key Learnings

  • As an entrepreneur, don’t do something because it's cool. The focus should be always on solving a problem. 

  • When starting MoveInSync we had a million-dollar idea and a problem statement but something that has really helped us in our journey is being open to learning how to solve the problem. 

  • While gaining knowledge is important, perseverance is a major key to building a successful business. 

If you’re a founder, you cannot miss listening to Deepesh Agarwal.

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