To tackle the challenges faced by B2B companies, we recently hosted Surendar Natarajan, CEO on our podcast, where we are discussing how B2B leaders are dealing with the global pandemic situation. Also, how industries are affected economically and how you can keep hiring the right people or remote workforce with perfection. 

But first, I’d like to tell you a little bit about what is
Adapt is a 3-year-old B2B SaaS company, which was a bootstrap startup with a team of 30+ experts. Adapt is a sales acceleration platform that helps B2B companies with the database for sales and marketing teams. 

Key Highlights about Adapt: 
* has 99% accuracy with their database. 
* Its a leader in G2 crowds product for sales quadrant in 2019.
* became cash flow positive in less than a year

Here’s what Surendar had to say about hiring in a pandemic situation :
“We’ve always been looking to hire people, we’ve never stopped hiring. We have almost doubled our hiring since the time we started. Because a company must be prepared for all the situations. We are looking to hire predominantly in sales and marketing as we have a reliable technical team, which made our backbone strong. We have a very long process for hiring as I (Surendar) myself choose my gems. Because A team is what makes the company is what I believe. We have a self – driven team with no hardcore management; we believe everyone is a leader in their sense. Everybody in the company knows what exactly is going on, where we are heading towards, what’s the revenue we’re making, etc. Our biggest strength is our culture. 
I know its a hard time for all of us, but it shall pass, and I’m very confident that we’ll get back to our old ways “

Here are some interesting questions from the podcast that we asked Surendar:

What made you create 
“I was working at a silicon valley startup with a great team for almost five years, handling India Operations. And we were working on company data and intelligence data. It was undoubtedly the world’s best data in terms of quality. At that point, we were already brainstorming about the additional scope that lies in B2B data. There were very few companies already doing the same thing, but they were the best, and it was a monopoly business for them! And other small companies were taking their shares in the market. But we thought, why not make a product which not only focuses on collecting and storing the data but keeps all the data up to date in real-time! Currently, we have close to 90Million contacts, and we can easily go up to 200-300 million, but we wanted to make sure our data is very focused, and at the same time, it has to be the most up to date in the industry.”

Why do you prefer quality over quantity, unlike other companies?
We provide only business data. When you run business campaigns for companies, it is all about quality. Times have changed; companies do not tolerate higher bounce rates for emails. Its a trade-off between how many people you can reach versus the quality of the reach. So if you’re sending a hundred emails and 50 of them bounce, you’re going to be blacklisted by the email provider. You’re not going to be able to send your email campaigns. But what we try to focus on is if I’m giving you 50 contacts, we’ll try and get all the 50 to be delivered; that way, your email reputation is not affected & the result would be the same. 

We make sure that the key decision-makers are in the database; we make sure that we are not just providing random sets of contacts a company we provide key decision-makers and influencers who are the contacts that matter. 

What’s your take on building a SaaS company in India, where the industry is just blooming: 

I think this is an excellent time for India and especially the SaaS industry growing, and the typical model that all of us follow, which is to build from India & sell predominantly to the US. We are a global product. We have customers from all over the world, but the dominant market is, of course, the US, so this model is something that has been working over the past 10-12 years. This is what most of the companies have been doing, and they have been successful. Budding entrepreneurs can gain confidence and learn this from industry leaders who have already done this before. And it is not easy, but it is something that we can make it work if addressed the right priorities. In today’s world, communication has become a lot easier. And the world is open to you doing business with everybody in any other country. This is kind of a great situation to be in actually.

Alright! So this was a quick read for you from our latest podcast with Surendar Natarajan! 

Tune in to the podcast to listen to more things like, 
* How will the SaaS industry be in the next one year? 
* Which is Surendar’s all-time favorite book?
* Can India become the next SaaS capital in the world? 

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