Unscripted Sessions with Saravana Kumar, CEO at Kovai.co

In this episode, we speak to Saravana Kumar, CEO at Kovai.co.

In the quest to solve challenges faced by Microsoft BizTalk customers, Saravana started BizTalk360 in 2010. In only a couple of years, Saravana was able to acquire the first 65 customers. Today it’s being used by over 650+ companies across 40+ countries. They’ve also launch three additional products under Kovai.co (Serverless360, Document360 & Atomic Scope) all of which growing steadily and generating revenue.

In this episode, Saravana Kumar shares his learnings from scaling Kovai to $8.5mn ARR.

Key Takeaways

  • Finding the right employees in the beginning is very important. They’ll eventually grow and become leaders in your organisation.
  • The way you run a company is like a bus. There will people sitting in different seats and sometimes the seat might not be appropriate for them. In such a scenario, you just need to move them around and give them a different opportunity.
  • For a founder delegation is important. Whenever you’re doing work look for activities that can be delegated. Remember, the majority of your time should be spent working on company’s high-level goals.

If you’re a SaaS founder or planning to start your own SaaS company, you cannot miss listening to Saravana Kumar.

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