Unscripted Conversations with Arjun Pillai, CEO of Insent.ai

In this episode, we speak to Arjun Pillai, Founder & CEO of Insent.ai.

Before founding Insent.ai, Arjun co-founded Profoundis, a product that helped companies to understand more about prospects through public data. He worked on it for five years before exiting the company to FullContact. The exit was the first-ever tech product acquisition from the state of Kerala, India in history.

After the acquisition, Arjun headed the Data Strategy team at FullContact where he worked for 15 months. He quit to start his second venture Insent.ai.

Insent.ai is a real-time B2B customer acquisition platform engaging prospects earlier in their buying cycle. In this episode, we try to learn the learnings and challenges he faced when building and growing Profoundis in 2012. We’ll also understand more about Insent.ai and his future plans for the company.

Here are a few insights from our conversation –

  • To attract early employees and onboard them you need to create trust by explaining the problem statement and the solution you’re building to solve it.
  • When starting a company, try to trust your ideas/decisions more than others.
  • You can fail even when you feel it is impossible.
  • The future of B2B buying and selling would be real-time. We’re yet to see the maximum potential of conversational marketing.

Learn Arjun’s journey and how he found success with Profoundis after four failed products by listening to this episode.

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