State of SaaS in India with Priya Mohan, Venture Highway

In this episode, we speak to Priya Mohan from the leadership team at Venture Highway.

Priya Mohan who’s an ISB graduate started her career as an Investment Banker. But her passion for entrepreneurship and businesses led her to start her own company, Vidayartha, an ed-tech platform which she ran for close to six years. She successfully exited to BYJU’S.

Currently, Priya Mohan is part of the leadership team at Venture Highway, an ex-Googlers founded India tech-seed fund. They’ve invested in companies like Airmeet, Betterplace, and many others. In this episode, we try to learn the current state of India’s SaaS ecosystem (our fourth episode in this series), the impact of the pandemic, and more.

Here are the key takeaways from our conversation –

  • A big challenge for SaaS companies selling in India a few years ago was monetisation (it wasn’t clear if companies will pay or not). But that has completely changed recently. Today, Indian companies are more open to leverage SaaS tools thanks to a changed mindset and the ability to see the perceieved value.
  • A huge reason for the rapid SaaS growth in India is the availability of great tech talent and access to capital.
  • Captial efficiency is higher in a SaaS business due to the ability to predict revenue when compared to a B2C business. This is a critical differentiator.

If you’re passionate about SaaS you cannot miss listening to Priya Mohan.

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